I was in the garden this morning, picking tomatoes, dreaming of BLT's.  This time of year always starts me on my BLT diet.  It also starts me on the hunt for recipes that use tomatoes...let's face it, BLT's once a day....yes.  BLT's three times a day, sometimes, but we...

As we walk through this life, the important things start to stand out.  




We love where we are and what we do.  It's not about the big wig jobs that define who we are, it's how we treat people.  It's how we love people.  So if you have loved ones n...

Edgewater BBQ was so happy to be one of the sponsors at the Second Annual Keep 'EM Brewing Brewfest, here in Emmetsburg, IA.  This event is an annual fundraiser for Emmetsburg's local radio station, KEMB. The event featured home-brewer's in a People's Choice Competitio...

Emmetsburg started a new festival last year called Fun on the Five.  We start the summer off right with the love of our community & our lake.  

It dates me a little, to use the poetry of the music group Poison, but that is seriously what entered my mind as I was putting this post together.  So, why not go with it?  Our town has the best Saint Patrick's Day festival, for sure in the state of Iowa, but maybe in...

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